Interlocking of asset and property management

Imagine five asset managers and five property managers from ten different companies in one meeting room. How many different definitions of the terms asset and property management will you hear from these experts?

The lack of clarity regarding the terminology has unfortunately been part and parcel in the real estate management sector for many years, if not decades. Slowly the realisation is sinking in that merely allocating certain activities and business processes either to asset or property-management

does very little to help. What really counts is that all of these activities are carried out professionally, i.e. continuously and on time. At the end of the day the customer is relatively indifferent to whether person A or person B solves their problem. We have been gearing ourselves towards this flexible view of asset and property management for many years. Asset and property managers are separated neither spatially nor organisationally. The shared task of fulfilling the interests of our clients defines the product.

Professionelles Immobilien-Management aus einer Hand