Restructuring management

Magna Geschäftsführungen GmbH

A special form of asset management is the assumption of the owner function as managing director, proxy or general partner in closed property funds. Our 100% subsidiary company MAGNA has been successfully taking on these functions for many years. We are specialised in the restructuring of ailing property funds, which today have to contend with purchase costs that are too high with an initial expenditure that is not covered by the rental income.  Through the analysis of all incoming and outgoing positions, systematic cost reducing and capital waiving by the financing banks, a stabilisation has been achieved in many almost hopeless cases. We assume the complete control of the business activities and the reorientation towards a continuation model without further need for subsequent payment. Here we systematically implement both the conversion into apartment ownership as well as the sale of properties. MAGNA is a success model that has reconciled investors with their investment in several dozen restructuring cases.

Professionelles Immobilien-Management aus einer Hand