Optima employs over 320 staff throughout Germany. Our employees are qualified real estate appraisers, business administrators and economists, industrial engineers, facility maintenance managers, bookkeepers, graduate engineers for building construction and housing technology, energy consultants, property specialists, estate agents and specialists in real estate surveillance.

We are aware that our clients not only expect solid and in-depth expert knowledge from our employees, but also ongoing further training. This is why we encourage our staff to take advantage of advanced training courses and why we also offer a variety of qualified training measures ourselves. And we make it our duty to offer various vocational apprenticeships every year.

We invest a lot of time and effort to ensure we recruit the right employees to fulfil the expectations and standards of our clients. We therefore go to great lengths in order to reconcile the demands of our clients with the individual personal skills and strengths of our employees.

We recognise that, alongside our clients, our staff represents Optima’s greatest asset. This is why we have developed business processes that, computer-aided, guarantee constant efficiency in the long term.

Professionelles Immobilien-Management aus einer Hand