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Property obliges that its use also serves one’s own well-being *

You acted correctly!

The investment in a freehold flat is not only relatively inflation-proof, but a solid building block in your personal old-age plan. This applies independent of the fact whether you live in the flat yourself, or (only) want to profit from the rental income.


Mobility in our society must increase, if we want to have a chance in the international competition for employment. A mobile society is continuously on the move and always on the lookout for high-quality and low-cost housing space.
Therefore your freehold flat cannot be stored in a cash box, but is at the mercy of the wear and tear in the course of time, by the use of your tenant and the change within an owners’ association.

In other words: From the time of completion, many dangers and shallows await your property.
To sustain your property for you in its fabric, you require an expert pilot. Someone who brings around your property safely into the next port.
(* Article 14 Para 1 Sentence 2 of the Basic Constitutional Law: Property obliges that its use shall also serve the common good.)

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