Optima Privat

Privat property management

You do collect property like

other people collect stamps. The maintenance of a property stock is significant for you, but even more important is the income return development of your portfolio. You would like to know which wheels have to be turned to optimise the income return. You don’t think in terms of today and tomorrow, but in generations!

Your bank will definitely know someone who is an expert in property. For a time, the banks even thought that they know their way around the properties markets and even dominate them. As often, this arrogance was punished with bank bankruptcies and extreme value adjustments.


We act independently of banks, investor groups and real estate agents. We see ourselves as managers of private properties who, based on the billions in property value we are entrusted with on a long-term basis, are able to advise their clients in the development of assets in the property sector. We are as private as possible for a medium-size company. Normally, we don’t even advertise. Recently a client – also a collector – told us, we should show what we are capable of.

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Professionelles Immobilien-Management aus einer Hand